Montegrappa Middle East is the regional headquarters for Montegrappa operations in the Middle East handling distribution, retail operations, marketing and eCommerce for the region.

Through its various regional projects, Montegrappa Middle East relentlessly works towards weaving the brand into the multi-cultural fabric of the Middle Eastern community.

The regional HQ has developed several projects such as the Calligraphy, Ishy Biladi and Saudi Vision 2030 Pens and also recognizes the contributions of various influential personalities such as Sheikh Zayed the founding father and the principal driving force behind the formation of the UAE (Year of Zayed Project) and Kahlil Gibran, a celebrated literary hero considered to be one of the greatest poets of all time.

In addition to this, the office also supports various cultural events and NGOs such as:

  • Montegrappa Prize for Fiction at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature which recognizes budding writers and provides them with a solid platform to publish their works
  • The Emirates Opera Project, supporting and nurturing the talented opera artists from all over the world, who are now based in the UAE
  • Al Noor Center, that provides professional training and care for children with special needs to realize their potential and integrate into the wider community
  • The Rashid Pediatric Therapy Center - a humanitarian organization, which provides quality education and therapy services to children with special needs


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