Enjoy the most magical artisanal experience of all

At Montegrappa, we have never known a period without offering hand-finished objects for discerning customers. We have always welcomed the challenge of offering a truly authentic and genuinely custom-made service, understanding precisely what the client desires. The reward for us the opportunity to then-create the object to match thoroughly his or her expectations, for us an ever-growing passion.

Today, our ATELIER special service will ensure that your Montegrappa pen is truly unique. We mean that in the literal sense, that it will be like no other pen on earth.
Choose among our three writing instruments – AMPHORA, EXTRA BESPOKE or ARTE – as the base of your personalised pen.



Amphora fountain and rollerball pens possess the curvaceous, almost human form that is rounded in ways which ensure that the pen falls naturally to the hand.
The cap disc can be either hand-painted or hand-engraved, with any design element the customer might wish it to carry.
Your Amphora pen will join the objects handed down from one generation to another.





Extra Bespoke

An image of a family member or oneself, a much-loved pet, a favourite building, a cherished possession, a landscape or an object of art, a personal symbol or sign... Using ages-old techniques and traditional tools, our craftspersons translate the customer’s chosen image into a pattern to be hand-engraved or hand-painted on both precious metal or resin, at the client’s behest. It is at this very moment that your pen is transformed into a true objet d’art.




From cars to tailoring, from one-off timepieces to customised hi-fi, the demand for made-to-measure creations is returning to levels that rival the boom period of the 1920s and 1930s. At that time we saw the most flashy cars that ever traversed the avenues of Nice, Beverly Hills, Paris or Berlin, and it was also the era of writing instruments that were just as splendid.
Those days have returned and Montegrappa welcomes them with ARTE, our new programme of custom pens.