Italia Sleek Black - Ballpoint, with Yellow Gold Plated Trim

The elegantly sober design of the ITALIA pen is underlined by a few more luxurious details, such as the Italian tricolor crafted entirely in resin and adorning the pen’s cap and nib section, an original hooded nib design and a red-colour blind-cap disc, to remind of our passionate way of doing things!

 A cherished patriotic tradition of ours, the 2016 brand-new collection  from the “Italian Pride” series is a complete selection of four writing modes: fountain, rollerball, ballpoints pens and a mechanical pencil.Offered in the three pearlised shades of sleek Black and White resin with yellow gold-plated trim, or Blue - Azzurro with palladium trim.

Materials: resin, Yellow Gold plated trim

Packaging: standard

Warranty: 2 years 

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