The overall impression from the scent is uplifting and liberating, appropriate for a fragrance that has been inspired by the Italian pride and heroism that the Monte Grappa mountain has come to represent over the last century. For the composition of the 'juice' Montegrappa turned for inspiration to its roots, the Monte Grappa Mountain. 


Nerouno for Men

Inspiration for the design came directly from the NeroUno product family with its iconic octogonal faceted design, which translates perfectly into the fragrance bottle shape. The cap of the bottle complements the crowns of the pens, the bezels of the watches, and the design of the cufflink collection, truly making Montegrappa's NeroUno product line into a full lifestyle collection. 

The NeroUno fragrance for men is based on a citrus and fresh top note, comprising typically Italian ingredients, such as Calabrian lemons, and gentian, a herb predominantly found in the surrounding mountain areas, and particularly prevalent on the slopes and forests of the Monte Grappa. The middle notes are spicy giving a refined and sophisticated fragrance, well balanced out with a heavier bottom note of oils from typically Mediterranean woods such as Sandalwood and Cedarwood. 


Nerouno for Women 

The majestic, octagonal lines of NeroUno encase a sweet and floral composition – an intoxicating blend of citrusy Calabrian bergamot, tuberose and other 

ingredients, layered on a base of delicious vanilla, cedar and sandalwood. NeroUno Lady radiates an air that is at once earthy and urbane.


IL Signore for Men 

A special, celebratory edition of NeroUno blended in honour of philanthropist and Montegrappa patriarch, Gianfranco Aquila. Launched in conjunction with the publication of his biography ‘Il Signore delle Penne’ this most gentlemanly of scents is available in strictly limited quantities.


Devised with the assistance of the world’s most talented parfumiers Montegrappa’s fragrances for men and women delight yet another sense, with natural and harmonious scents that will stay forever in the memory.




Like music, perfume has three sets of notes, which makes the harmony of the scent. 

It gradually unfolds with time depending on the weight of the ingredient molecules. 

Middle notes are sometimes called the 'Heart note', and Bottom notes are called the 'Dry down' or 'Base notes' too. 

NeroUno Eau De Toilette 100 ml
Nerouno for Women - 100 ml
IL Signore Eau De Toilette 100 ml
Parola Fragrance - 100 ml