Quincy Jones - The Secret Garden Limited Edition

Following the Quincy Jones Pen of 2013, the new model has been inspired by the ground-breaking song, “The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)”, composed by Quincy Jones with Al B. Sure!, James Ingram, El DeBarge and Barry White.

“The Secret Garden” inspires a pen with a barrel bearing a man and a woman in an intimate position. The clip takes the form of the “secret key” with the three letters “TSG” (for “The Secret Garden”) and a heart in the middle symbolising love, integrated skilfully into the shape. Crowning the cap is Quincy Jones’ “Q” symbol.

Designed and developed with Quincy Jones’ active participation, the Secret Garden Pen is made of celluloid in gorgeous coral and purple hues. The model will be offered as a fountain pen and a rollerball pen, both in celluloid with sterling silver trim.

To complete the ensemble, Montegrappa has created a matching beaded bracelet in sterling silver and celluloid, and a jacket pin in sterling silver. Only 333 examples of each item will be produced, provided in bespoke wooden boxes with lids made of several layers.